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Tips For Maintaining Your White Kitchen Doors

The White color is very appealing, and it provides a place with a light, soothing, and a clean feel. Most of the home owners also believe that white looks ideal for a kitchen. However, the process of maintaining it is very tedious. Some considerable amount of effort is required for the maintenance of its white look similar to the way it was during the construction period. However, some tips or ways can help one to keep his or her white kitchen doors.

What causes yellowing of the kitchen doors?

Before we learn how to maintain the white kitchen doors, it would be crucial to know some of the leading causes of this yellowing of the white kitchen doors. Here are the major causes


Direct exposure tkcjkhc;wDWQFGEWFSo sunlight is the main cause of yellowing of your white cabinets. Most surfaces whether laminated or painted tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. You are advised to use transparent materials for the windows such as films, blinds, and draperies. These materials help in preventing direct sunlight from reaching the kitchen cabinets.


The cooking action or process also causes yellowing of your cabinets. Grease particles are produced from ditches. The grease produced then settles on the white kitchen doors. Gradually, the bright and white kitchen doors start to turn yellowish thus requiring deep and thorough cleaning. The kitchen doors should, therefore, be cleaned regularly on a daily basis after cooking is over to prevent them from appearing yellow.

The kitchen chimney or the exhaust fan over the cooking area should also be turned on to absorb any particles and expel them outside the building. The secondary particles suspended in the air have a tendency of settling on your kitchen doors.

How do you clean your white kitchen doors?

By now you are already aware of the leading causes of yellowing in the kitchen. Let us now discuss some of the effective ways of cleaning your kitchen to keep it clean and sparkling. These are some of the valuable tips for removing yellow tinges from your kitchen.

Use of vinegar mixture

The first method,dng;wngbdsn.b involves the use of a mixture of warm water and vinegar. You can also add some baking soda to the prepared mixture. Te mixture obtained is used in cleaning the kitchen cabinets at least once in a month. This helps in keeping the kitchen sparkling.

Use of warm water

Warm water can be mixed with a mild washing liquid is used for cleaning the kitchen surfaces with the help of a soft cloth. This helps in removing the yellowness and stains. Once they are removed, cleaning of the surface is done by use of a slightly damped cloth. Finally, wipe the surfaces using a dry cloth.