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Types Of Flooring

A new floor gives an office or home a decent fresh look. There are different types of floor materials. Most builders and home owners are faced with a challenge of deciding on the best material which would work for their design. Let us have a look at the major categories of floors based on the material used.


This Material offers a rustic look which is very popular in many homes. Being a natural product provides a great option f creating a country ambiance. This material is used for complementing areas like foyers, hallways, dens and dining rooms, by giving them an elegant and a soft style. Hardwood is also an ideal option for commercial spaces like private offices and reception areas. It used to create a welcoming atmosphere. It is very easy to keep this material clean. It is only regular sweeping that is required by use of gentle cleaners.


A high –quality carpet is used for creating an inviting atmosphere in the housejfifwdwdw as well as making the room bright. They are mostly suited for living rooms, bedrooms, and the gathering places. Commercial carpets work for both restaurants and offices, but their application depends on the environment. You need to consider the types of fibers and color when you are choosing a carpet. Lighter carpets are easier to clean. Carpets need regular attention and care to eliminate any strain. Cleaning also helps to prevent the carpets from deteriorating.


They are mostly suited for the warmer climates. Unlike with other flooring materials, tiles help to increase the circulation of air thereby keeping the room cool. They are great for both kitchen and bathroom applications since they are easy to clean. Area rugs can also be utilized for keeping the tiles in good condition.


It is the greatest flooring material. Stokbjuytnes give any house a majestic look and feel. Various types of stones are available which have different colors giving the homeowner or builder limitless options when it comes to the selection process.


The material is perfect for areas with high traffic especially in those homes with pets and young children. There have been a lot of improvements regarding design over the past years which have given this material its modern look. It has various patterns that you can choose from. Besides, vinyl is the easiest material to clean. Regular mopping and sweeping are required for keeping this material in pristine condition. However, you should avoid using cleaning solutions which have harsh chemicals. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided.